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Happiness is not real, you are never happy, you can be comfortable though. Happiness is an illusion, it lasts for a moment and you can barely grab it, happiness is not real, but that doesn’t mean we can’t feel it.

So let me wish you something real. I wish you’ll always be safe, surrounded by your loved ones, family and friends, and that you will never taste the bitterness of loss.
I wish you’ll always love and be loved, care and be cared for, and never feel alone.
I wish you’ll always smile and be smiled at, I wish you’ll be the reason for someone smiling, creating another tiny wrinkle around their mouth, which the cause of it will not be old age, but merry times.

I wish you’ll never see your family hiding in one of the corners of your house, not knowing if they’re going to die the next minute or not. I wish you’ll never see your brother on a hospital bed, tiny holes framing his body, instead of skin. I wish you’ll never see your mother lying on the floor, acting as a shield, protecting your little sister. I wish you’ll never witness your father being humiliated at a check point.

I wish you’ll never be occupied.

I wish you’ll never have dark skin, I wish you’ll never be shot by the people who are supposed to protect you, I wish you’ll belong to an upper white class society, where you’ll never be discriminated against.

I wish you’ll never know what racism means, I wish you’ll never be looked down on because your religion and ethnicity are different.

I wish you’ll never feel inferior.

I wish you freedom, and rights. I wish you’ll never be afraid to get on the bus while it’s packed, knowing that you might be harassed. I wish you’ll never talk to your friend on your way home again, just to make sure nothing will happen. I wish you won’t go to the bathroom in groups at bars, I wish you won’t hold your car and house keys while walking home alone at night, ready to defend yourself.

I wish you’ll never be assaulted, I wish you’ll never be looked at as an object.
I wish people will listen to you instead of turning their heads to the man beside you, I wish people will treat you respectfully regardless of your gender.

I wish you’ll be free to express your sexuality, I wish you freedom to love and be loved by the person you choose, I wish you liberty to live your life as an individual.

I wish you love, instead of hatred. I wish you compassion, instead of hostility, I wish you patience, instead of prejudice, and I wish you freedom, instead of prison.

Happy New Year